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I’m Dora

I believe in using the power of food and harnessing the body’s natural healing abilities to improve health and prevent disease.

My Story

For over 20 years, I’ve worked as a pharmacist in a variety of settings – from bustling retail stores, to hospitals, nursing homes, and family health teams. I have seen both the benefits and the downfalls of medication.

Drugs can be life saving and dramatically improve symptoms, but they often come with side effects. All too often, they don’t even work!

I’ve come to the uncomfortable realization that medications are usually just covering up the symptoms but not really getting to the heart of the problems.

The question I’ve heard over and over again from my patients is – “Dora, how can you help me get off of these medications?!”​.
My answer has always come down to nutrition and lifestyle. When I learned about the Functional Medicine approach to health, I realized that at last, this was the way to help people get off (or at least reduce) their medications.

My own journey living with the rare autoimmune disease, neuromyelitis optica, has only further demonstrated to me the importance of eating the right foods and living a joyful life. So I went back to school to study Nutrition and Functional Medicine, with the hope of helping others live their healthiest life.

It would be my privilege to help you figure out the underlying causes of how you’re feeling, and support you on your journey towards wellness & vibrant aging.


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Fun Facts

I bet you didn’t know:

I’m a sucker for dog videos. I’ve stayed up too many nights because I couldn’t avert my eyes from the cuteness

I’m obsessed with bats and have many bat stuffies and other bat-related items

My favourite dish is shepherd’s pie. It reminds me of my grandmother.

I can only cook when there is music on. The music lifts my mood, relaxes me, and brings out my culinary creativity.

Education & Certifications

  • Registered Pharmacist (Ontario, Canada)
  • Licensed Nutritionist (Maryland & Florida, USA)
  • Masters in Human Nutrition
  • Doctorate in Pharmacy (PharmD)
  • Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist
  • Board Certified Nutrition Specialist
  • Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner

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