1:1 Functional Nutrition

This is for you if you:

    • Want to avoid or minimize medications
    • Are overwhelmed with conflicting nutrition advice
    • Want more control over your health
    • Want to get to the underlying cause of your health concerns, instead of simply covering up symptoms with drugs
    • Want to feel better naturally using food, supplements, and/or lifestyle approaches

Choose from the VIP or Basic Package

(Flat fee for 3-months)

What’s Included:

VIP PackageBasic Package
Comprehensive intake call (60-90min)
Strategy call (30-60min)
Functional Lab Testing√ *Optional add-on
Follow-Up VisitsUnlimitedUp to 4
Discounted Supplements20% Discount15% discount
Access to seasonal Reset (group program)50% discount
Price (flat-fee for 3-months of service)$1250 USD$350 CAD


* VIP package includes GI-Map stool testing & Metabolomix+ nutrition status test ($900 USD value)

Optional Add-ons: DUTCH Hormone testing, Wheat Zoomer, Intestinal Permeability testing, food sensitivity testing, nutrigenomics DNA testing, follow-up GI-Map or Metabolomix testing, meal-planning services

1:1 Medication Review

This is for you if you’re:

  • Taking 5 or more medications
  • Concerned about side effects or drug interactions
  • Unsure what each medication is for
  • Looking for like a second opinion on the best drug (or non-drug) therapies


What’s included:

    • A thorough review of all medications and supplements, with the aim of deprescribing where possible (60-90 min)
    • Written summary of medication/supplement recommendations
    • Written or verbal communication with prescriber, if necessary
    • Optional Add-ons: Pharmacogenetic Testing (to see how your genes might be impacting how your body metabolizes medication)

$120 CAD

Get a FREE ASSESSMENT of how your drugs might be affecting your nutrient levels

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a payment plan?
Can you take clients from anywhere in the world?

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Client Successes

"I now have more energy and my health has improved more than I thought it could in 1 month!"

Before working with Dora, I had brain fog, stomach pains, and a lack of energy. I was working with my doctors to figure out why half my body was going numb. Dora helped me get a full picture of what might have contributed to the problems. I now have more energy and my health has improved more than I thought it could in 1 month. I feel confident in being able to create a healthier lifestyle for myself.

- Chynah, 1:1 Functional Nutrition client

Client Successes

"Now I have a better understanding of what my body needs"

I was not having enough energy during the day and was super-stressed all the time. Dora listened to what I needed and now I have better energy levels, more understanding of what my body needs, and my stress has reduced significantly.

- Yuni, 1:1 Functional Nutrition client

Client Successes

"This program was above and beyond what I expected!"

Before joining Dora's program, my health was good, but not as healthy as I'd like. I struggled to balance meals and drink enough water. Since doing the program, I am meal planning more, drinking more water, making NEW healthy meals for my family, and have greater awareness of what to buy when shopping. Communication was great throughout the program and Dora was engaging & positive. This program was above and beyond what I expected.

- Christine, 5-Day Reset participant


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